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Sunday, May 9, 2010

For my mom on Mother's Day....

Here's to the world's coolest mom...mine....the best taste in music, one of the best commercial artists and portraitists.....such amazing talent, you have no still see designs she did for companies, 40+ years after she did the work....she was and is the fun mom, who never acted her age with kids (just ask my daughter and nephew). She has more energy than a woman half her age. she was always a damned good althlete..she still rollerskates at a rink twice a week, in her mid-70s. In her prime, she was one of prettiest woman I've ever seen...and today, she still looks excellent....I love you, Mom (and so does everyone else who's ever met you, sweetie!!) This song's fer you, Mom.....'cuz I KNOW how much you love Doug Sahm!!! enjoy!!

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