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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's tunes are all about......POOOOON TANG!! :)

Yup..............songs about sex. Nuff

Here's yer linkage, horndog:

Here's the track list:
Bullmoose Jackson-Big Ten Inch Record (Yeah, the same one you've heard before...still hilarious)
Dorothy Ellis-Drill Daddy Drill (Don't worry, I hear that BP will pay for cleanup......)
Fluffy Hunter-The Walkin' Blues (Just listen.....I've loved this since I was a kid, and didn't even get the double entendre)
Wynonie Harris-I Want My Fanny Brown (She's 40 yrs old, and ain't so young no more...the way she loves makes you come back for more)
Julia Lee-King Size Papa (Pretty much about loving the "big" guys)
The Swallows-It Ain't The Meat (It ain't?? lol)
The Swallows-Bicycle Tillie (Gona pump Tille right down the line, gonna ride Tillie all night...)
Julia Lee-I Didn't Like It The First Time (Well who does??)
The Dominoes-60 Minute Man ('ve heard it....still funny as hell)
Little Willie John-Leave My Kitten Alone (Meow!!)
The Treniers-Poon Tang (Gonna get me some.....)
Roy Brown-Shake 'Em Up Baby (She's the best JitterBug in town....)
Young Jessie-Hit, Git and Split (What, no cuddling??)
Todd Rhodes-Rocket 69 (You'll have ta hold tight Papa...while I go into my spin...)
Wynonie Harris-Keep On Churnin' 'Til The Butter Comes-(It's about farm
The "5" Royales-You Didn't Learn It At Home (where then?? Sunday school??)

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