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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mary Lou Williams "Zoning" 1974

This 1974 release by MLW is a revelation of all that makes Williams so unique...this is a woman who has been part of jazz since nearly the beginning. As a performer, writer and arranger, she knew and played with everyone...had performed in and ushered in every stylistic change in the genre since the 1920s. All of it shows up in her style of these later years....ageless, yet so contemporary. Meditative and spiritual bluesy....incredibly funky, yet deeply zen and always, ever present, is that thunderously beautiful left hand of her on the keyboard.....beautiful record....beautiful.

Here is the link:

Here's the track list:

Holy Ghost
Zoning Fungus II
Ghost of love
Medi II
Rosa Mae
Praise the Lord
Play it momma
Medi I

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