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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Boswell Sisters....a few things from my archives....enjoy!

 The Boswell Sisters.....Here's a little collection (well, not that little) of several of their releases from the 1930's....girl jazz harmony at it's best!

As the website sez: "Welcome to the land of BOZ"!!

I've been a huge fan of the Boswell Sisters, since I was a child. I've collected old 78s of theirs for years. The New Orleans' Boswell Sisters, Connie, Vet, and Martha, revolutionized jazz harmony singing in the 1930s. So many people and groups we knew in later years held a great debt to the recordings of them. The tightest, smoothest 3 part sibling harmony...amazing stuff. Groups such as the Andrews Sisters, and even Ella Fitzgerald credited their developing styles to a lot of listening to Connie and her sisters. Today, I went through a lot of 78s, and later releases in my archives, and pulled out a bunch of old recordings.....hope you guys enjoy 'em :)

Here's the link:

Here's the track list:

The devil and the deep blue sea-the hit 1932 recording of the Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler classic, with the Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
Louisiana Hayride-Another side recorded in 1932 for Brunswick with the Dorsey Brothers
Shuffle off to Buffalo-1933, with Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey.
Sophisticated Lady-A 1933 recording of the Duke Ellington classic, with Benny Goodman on clarinet.
Sleep come on and take me-1932
That's how rhythm was born-1933
Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia-1932
Coffee in the morning and kisses at night-1933 (Not the version that they did with Russ Columbo and Constance Bennett for the 1934 film "Moulin Rouge"), this is the recording of the same with the Dorsey Brothers.
42nd Street-1933
Minnie the Moocher's wedding day-1932 (it was pretty much an early "answer song", by Arlen and Koehler.
Darktown strutter's ball-1934 W/ Dorsey Brothers and the Bruswick studio Orch.
If I had a million dollars-1934 w/ Jimmy Grier and his Orch.
Charlie two-step-1932
St Louis Blues-1935 with the Ramblers orchestra, Theo Uden Masman, piano
Kurhaus, Scheveningen, the Hague, Holland. (released on the Dutch Decca label)
Dinah-1934-w/ Martha on piano and Bobby Sherwood on guitar
The object of my affection-1934 w/ Jimmy Grier And His Orchestra
Doggone! I've done it again-1932
Mood indigo-1933
Does my baby love?-1930 an early recording from broadcast transcription
California medley-1932 w/ Red Nicols and his Orch.
Cheek to cheek-1935
Crazy People-1932 (The version w/ Dick McDonough on guitar)
Everybody loves my baby-1932
Heebie Jeebies-The best known version from 1931, w/ the Dorseys

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