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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Todays OTR-Fats Waller at the Yacht Club 52nd Street NYC-October 14, 1938

Nice one, today....10-14-1938 Fats Waller and His Orchestra live at The Yacht Club in New York: “You Can’t Be Mine and Somebody Else’s Too”, “Monday Morning”, “What Do You Know About Love?”, and “I Had To Do It”......You'll love this one ;)


  1. Hello!
    You Have A Great Site (A Giant Tip Of The Hat To You!).Is There Any Chance You Could Re-Post This Fats Waller Broadcast (Since Megaupload Has Taken Prisoners Galore)
    Keep Up The Great Work!
    Colonel Dan

  2. Hey barberella! I really enjoy your blog here and I hope that you are enjoying a well deserved break to reconnect with your life. I'm writing to ask if you would be willing, upon your return, to re-post the two radio broadcasts of Fats Waller you have here? The 1938 Yacht Club in NYC and the 1940 Chicago broadcast from the Panther room? It would be great to have the opportunity to enjoy those shows again. Thank you for all of your work.