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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Because the more things change.....well, ya know the rest. Same complaints, different year......

Aren't we supposed to repeat history when we're ignorant of it? sigh***....sadly we don't have a "New Deal"....any Deal at all. Just the bad hand we're being dealt from all sides, I suppose.....


  1. The both sides do it meme isn't reality. The reality is that in this country we have a government that is easily bought by corporations and the top 1%. Republican are wholly owned by these entities. Democrats have increasingly become owned by these entities.

    At least Democrats still hope to make life better for people in the middle class and or who are poor.

    Somewhere along 1980 Reagan popularized this silly notion that "me first" and we forgot about the sense of "we are all in this together". That has been a big source of our country's slide. People can't see beyond their own nose. How sad.

  2. Preach on :). Sad but true. I blame Reagan as much as I blame Ayn Rand, and all the right-wing that worship her memory, as opposed to really understanding the religion that they hide behind and use as a weapon against anyone who questions their motives.