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Monday, November 28, 2011

Todays OTR: Dick Jurgens at the Aragon Ballroom-Chicago Ausust 12, 1950 CBS-WBBM

 A nice smooth one today....Chicago's Aragon Ballroom....August 12, 1950...The very danceable Dick Jurgens Orch....A full 30 min. of remote broadcast on CBS/WBBM. Enjoy.

Crowds at the Aragon

The Aragon Ballroom (1106 West Lawrence Avenue) opened its doors in July 1926 and quickly became a center of dance-hall culture in Chicago. Designed by Huszagh & Hill, the interior lavishly recreates a Mediterranean plaza, its arcades surrounding a huge dance floor suspended on a system of springs, cork, and felt. 

Located in Uptown, alongside the “L,” it drew dancers from across Chicago and the suburbs. In 1927, WGN began live broadcasts from the ballroom, spreading its fame nationwide. Tens of thousands came to the Aragon every week. 

After the decline of social dancing in the 1960s, the Aragon survived by hosting rock concerts and other public events. With the recent popularity of salsa and swing, however, the Aragon is again becoming a destination for dancers. 
 The Aragon today....

The beautiful Aragon Ballroom, on Chicago's North Side...Lawrence Avenue near Broadway...famous everywhere for featuring the finest in music and perfect. air-conditioned comfort. :)


  1. I would have liked to have seen it. I have many shows that were broadcast from there.

  2. Ooooo, like what?? >>>drools<<< :)

  3. I'll check and send you a list.

  4. my parents met there in the 40's, dick jurgens was playing. I'm working on decorating for their 70th (!!!) anniversary and want to try to evoke the Aragon (on a mighty slim budget). I was thinking of trying to create a poster--"Playing tonite" kind of thing--and need an 8xll contrasty (so my mom will be able to see it) photo copy, xerox, anything. I'm pretty low-tech, was wondering if there's a way you could run off a copy of that 2nd pic of Dick or of the band. Happy to pay you. I need it all in a week or so to make my deadline. Open to ideas too! I love your website & will be back. Thanks so much for your consideration.