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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Doris Day 1944-1950 Part 1.........

Doris Day Part 1.....1944-1950

Songs by Doris and Les Brown Orch., unless otherwise noted

Sentimental Journey-20 Nov 1944
Sentimental Journey (alt vers)-1944
He's Home for a Little While-1 Feb 1945
My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time-1 Feb 1945
I'll Always Be with You-7 Feb 1945
'Tain't Me-7 Feb 1945
Till the End of Time-17 May 1945
He'll Have to Cross the Atlantic-17 May 1945
The Last Time I Saw You-15 Sept 1945
Aren't You Glad You're You-15 Sept 1945
You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)-5 Nov 1945
Come to Baby, Do!-5 Nov 1945
We'll Be Together Again-5 Nov 1945
A Red Kiss on a Blue Letter-7 Feb 1945
Day by Day-1945
In the Moon Mist-16 Jan 1946
(Ah Yes) There's Good Blues Tonight-25 Feb 1946
I Got the Sun in the Morning-25 Feb 1946
All through the Day-6 March 1946
The Whole World is Singing My Song-20 Jun 1946
Sooner or later-28 Aug 1946
The Christmas song-29 Aug 1946
My Number One Dream Came True-29 Aug 1946
You should have told me-20 Aug 1946
The Deevil, Devil, Divil-27 Mar 1946
I'd Rather Be with You-17 May 1945


  1. Hello Barberella...follow your blog with much interest...and i love this compilations you make... :clap: :clap:

  2. I love her early stuff so much! :)