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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Part 1: A new and improved Gillian Welch/David Rawlings live cuts and demos request

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings

A while back I rather hastily posted a bunch of live tracks from various sources that I had received on a CD from a friend. Great stuff, but no info on where the original shows were played, etc. Well, I'm giving myself a re-do, with a little prompting from a loyal reader.

Here 'Tis..........the 'new and improved' odds, ends, live cuts, and demos......

Acony Bell-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Albuquerque-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Angel From Montgomery-1994 unknown San Francisco pub
Annabelle (2)-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Annabelle-June 26, 2002-Santa Cruz-The Catalyst
Apalachicola Bound-live
Barroom Girls-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Ben Dewberry's final run (2)-live
Ben Dewberry's final run-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Beulah Land-demo
Birds Of A Feather (2)-1994 unknown San Francisco pub
Birds Of A Feather (demo with band)
Birds Of A Feather-Live- Nashville TN, Station Inn, 1994
Blue Old Girl-live
Bright Morning Stars-live
Bright Morning Stars-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
By the Mark (2)-2003.09.17 - Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
By the Mark (3)-June 26, 2002-Santa Cruz-The Catalyst
By the Mark-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Caleb Meyer-2003.09.17 - Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
Caleb Meyer (2)-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Caleb Meyer-June 26, 2002-Santa Cruz-The Catalyst
Cold Rain And Snow-2003.09.17 - Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
Company Grave-demo
Copper Kettle-live-
Day is Breaking in My Soul-live
Dear Someone-2003.09.17 - Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
Diamond Joe-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Down In The Valley To Pray-Pig In The Pen-1993 Berklee Bluegrass Festival
Dusty Boxcar Wall-Live In Hickory, NC, 1997
Dusty Boxcar Wall (2)-live
Dusty Boxcar Wall-1996.06.20 - Berkeley, CA
The Devil Had A Hold Of Me- Live- Charlottesville VA, Jefferson Theater, 1998