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Thursday, August 25, 2011

More of the Thin Man Series.........After The Thin Man 1936

Since the first installment proved so's the sequel. :)

**Now remember, the link will be in the comments enjoy!**
And a few original lobby cards:



    (**cut and paste the link**)

  2. Greetings from sothern Ontario;
    This is what I call a movie - swanky, witty, with plenty of derring-do. Just like your wonderful Blog, here!
    Thanks Barberella, for the followup from our favourite tipsy couple on the town. I will treat my wife to this 'movie in', and the popcorn'll be flyin'!
    We've already enjoyed the first "Thin Man" you shared, - such quality, such clarity! - altho' some of it still goes over my head:-))))))

  3. I spent an entire weekend getting cozy with the whole series...hadn't watched 'em in was a blast!