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Monday, August 15, 2011

Don Redman Part 4.................

Don Redman Part 4.............

Sellin That Stuff-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 4-9-1929
Shakin' The African-Don Redman And His Orchestra 10-15-1931
She's My Secret Passion-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 2-12-1931 v=DR
She's Not Bad-Don Redman And His Orchestra 1933
Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble-Don Redman And His Orchestra 1-7-1940
Shuffle Your Feet-Bandana Babies-Don Redman And His Orchestra 12-29-1932
Some Sweet Day-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 1928
Sophisticated lady-Don Redman And His Orchestra 4-26-1933
Stockholm Stomp-Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra 1927
Stop Kidding (neck bones and sauerkraut)-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 7-12-1928
Stormy Weather-Don Redman And His Orchestra 5-28-1937
Sugar Foot Stomp-Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra, Louis Armstrong 5-1925
Sweet Leilani-Don Redman And His Orchestra 12-6-1938
Sweet Sue - Just You-Don Redman & His Orchestra 5-28-1937
Swingin' With The Fat Man-Don Redman & His Orchestra 5-28-1937
Talk to me-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 11-3-1930
Tea for two-Don Redman & His Orchestra 6-30-1932
That Blue-Eyed Baby From Memphis-Don Redman & His Orchestra 1933
That Naughty Waltz-Don Redman & His Orchestra 5-28-1937
Then someone's in love-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 1-31-1930
To Whom It May Concern-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 11-17-1930

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