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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Martha Tilton Part 4.............

And here's Part 4...........

Take it easy
Texas Polka
Thanks for the memory 2
Thanks for the memory
That's my desire
The wedding cakewalk
These foolish things remind me of you
The trolly song
This can't be love
Three little words-I'm beginning to see the light-It's only a paper moon
True love (is knockin' at my door)
What a deal
What goes on here in my heart
What have you got that gets me
What the country needs
When I go a-dreamin'
Who's Yehoodi?
Why'd ya make me fall in love
You came along (from out of tnowhere) VDisc
You make me feel so young
You showed me the way
You took the words right out of my heart
You're a sweet little headache
You're my desire


  1. If Martha had played in Holland, would they have call it "The Tilton At Windmills Tour"?

    ...don't hit

    Gosh, Barberella, I adore the lady singers fronting big bands thing. Finding a treasure trove of tunes all in one place, and of one of my very favourite lady singers - ZOWIE!!
    And thank you:)