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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Julie Christie....makes me go misty (I know...that damn song)

A link to the song by Lorraine Bowen on YouTube, from the movie "Better than Chocolate" (embedding disabled, so here's the link:


  1. Sure, Barberella, STEAM it up a bit:)))
    Btw - that colour pic of Julie posing against a tree...I heard she used a stand-in cut out, when she'd been out partying hard the night before;)

  2. :) I didn't know that....very interesting, Thanks!

  3. ...I think tanktop was pulling your leg...just amused at the editing done on that particular photo;)
    Still, you never know!

  4. Sorry Barbie. just funnin' wth ya...:)
    All I know about Julie is that I loved her in "Heaven Can Wait"!
    I'm digressing here, but wasn't thet a remake of "Here Comes Mr. Jordan", with Robert Montgomery? My wife and I adore that flick!
    Can you recommend other Robert Montgomery movies (no Westerns though)?