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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another gem of forgotten 1960s Chicago Soul.......Jackie Ross !!

Jackie Ross

Jackie Ross (born 30 January 1946, St. Louis, Missouri) is an American soul singer.

Ross sang gospel music as a child, and performed on a radio show run by her parents, both preachers. After her father died in 1954 she moved to Chicago and was signed to SAR Records by Sam Cooke. Her first single, "Hard Times", appeared in 1962, and following this she spent time singing in Syl Johnson's band.

In 1964, she signed with Chess Records and released "Selfish One", which reached #11 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and #4 on the Cashbox R&B chart. A follow-up, "I've Got The Skill" reached the Hot 100 but stalled at #89 and the following year, "Jerk and Twine", a re-working of "Everything But Love", the song on the other side of her big hit, peaked at #85.

An album, Full Bloom, was released in 1965, which was followed by three more singles, but after disputes with her record label, she left Chess in 1967. She later recorded for several labels into the 1970s including Brunswick, GSF, Mercury, Capitol, and for Jerry Butler's Fountain Productions, but was unable to duplicate the success of "Selfish One".

One of my favourite voices out of the Chicago Soul scene....a clean, sweet soprano that is soooo Chi-Town, but have no mistake, she could bust it loose and take it to church when the music called for it....enjoy! :)

This list is for my daughter, Sarah, as she's a fan of Jackie's voice. She studies classical voice, but when she sings pop and R&B, you can hear a bit of this influence in her voice. I do like knowing that she listens to and admires singers of caliber of Ms. Ross. :)
**My little (well, not so little, now) person...Sarah** Enjoy your list, boo....Mom loves U. :)

The early stuff:

A One Woman Man
Be Sure You Know
Change Your Ways
Don't change your mind
Don't Take My Love
Dynamite Lovin'
Everything But Love
Hard Times
Haste Makes Waste
Hold Me
Honey Dear
I Dig His Style
I Had a Talk With My Man
I Wanna Hear It From You
I've Got the Skill
It's Going All The Way
Jerk and Twine
Keep Your Chin Up
Love Is Easy to Lose
Man is born
Mr Sunshine
New Lover
Selfish One
Take Me For a Little While
Trust in Me
Walk On My Side
Wasting Time
We Can Do It
Who could be loving you
You Really Know How to Hurt a Girl

A bit of later stuff.......

A Woman (Get's Nothing From Love)
Hey Love
I Can't Stand to See You Go
I Guess You Think I'm a Fool
I Like Your Loving-w/ Little Milton
I Think I'm Losing You
I'm Gonna Make it (Without You)
I'm in Love With You-w/ Little Milton
Love Master
Need Your Love so Bad
No Matter Where You Go-w/ Little Milton
Number One Love in Your Life
One Hand Wash The Other
Patching up The Wound-w/ Little Milton
Someone Who Will Take The Place of You
Take The Weight Off Me
Teach Me-w/ Little Milton
The People Some People Choose to Love
The World Needs More People Like You
This World's in a Hell of a Shape
What Would You Give
You Are The One That I need-w/ South Side Movement

**I'm missing a few tracks.......any info or help would be greatly appreciated**

Mercury 73185 – Glory Be / I Must Give You Time - 1971

Sedgrick 4001 – Where Does The Joy Go / Where Does The Joy Go (Inst) – 1974

Jackie Ross & Southside Movement:
Golden Ear 2292 - Cold Hearted Woman / No Part Time Love - ? (12” Single)

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