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Friday, August 26, 2011

Don Redman Part 5...........

Here's Part 5...........

(You've Got Those) Wanna-Go-Back-Again Blues-Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1926
The way I feel today-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 11-5-1929
Three Little Maids-Don Redman & His Orchestra 3-23-1939
Tired Of It All-Don Redman & His Orchestra 1933
Too Bad-DR & His Orchestra 9-30-1936
Travelling all alone v=george thomas-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 2-3-1930
Trouble, why pick on me-DR & His Orchestra 9-24-1931
Try Getting A Good Night's Sleep-DR & His Orchestra 2-26-1932
Two time man-DR & His Orchestra 9-16-1932
Underneath The Harlem Moon-DR & His Orchestra 10-6-1932
Watching The Knife And Fork Spoon-DR & His Orchestra 1933
We Don't Know From Nothin'-DR & His Orchestra 9-30-1936
Where there's a will, baby-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 11-7-1929
Who Wants to Sing My Love Song-DR & His Orchestra 9-30-1936
Will You, Won't You babe-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 4-8-1929
Words can't express the way I feel-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 1-31-1930
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 9-8-1931
You Ain't Nowhere-DR & His Orchestra 1940
You gave me everything but love-DR & His Orchestra 6-28-1932
You Told Me But Half The Story-DR & His Orchestra 1933
You're Driving Me Crazy-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 11-17-1930
Zonky-McKinney's Cotton Pickers 1930

1 comment:

  1. Track 13 looks interesting, in he light of developments with megaupload ....

    Mind you, I see McKinney's also produced a tune called "Shag Nasty" ,,,, *eek*

    ... more innocent times ...