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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Timi Yuro Part 8................

Here's the end of the list...........Part 8 :)

(You Are) My Special Angel
The Wall
Till The End Of Time
Timi Talks (2) (from 'Live at P.J.s')
Timi Talks  (from 'Live at P.J.s')
Tu vedi lei 
Turn the world around the other way
Two different worlds
Until you were gone -1963 unreleased
Up above my head (i hear music in the air) -w/ Johnny Ray (God, I have to say that I HATE this version....I am not a Johnny Ray fan, and tackling a classic Rosetta Tharpe tune....not such a good idea)
Walk Away
What A Different A Day Makes
What's A Matter Baby
When He Wants A Woman
When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
When You Were Mine
Who's Sorry Now
Why not now
Wings of inspiration
With a song in my heart
You Always Hurt The One You Love
You Belong To My Heart
You Can Have Him
You can't get away from me
You know you don t want me
You took my happy away
You'll Never Walk Alone
You've got troubles -unreleased 1967
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
You'll Never Know


  1. Timi Yuro was such a great singer.

  2. She just blows me away...always has :)

  3. Hi Barberella,

    It's a pity that this are all megaupload links.

    I used to buy a lot of her LP's and CD's but here I saw a few songs I don't have.

    Jan V

  4. Hey Jan.....I can get these up again on Rapidshare for you, I'll start with Vol 1and go from there if you like.