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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Part 1..The Pre-Zeppelin list....early Jimmy, Robert, Bonzo, and John.........

I'm sure a few of these have appeared around....this is part one of Jimmy Page as session guitarist, early work by Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones....early '60s-'68. Good stuff.....should be about 4 very eclectic lists.

And here we go........

First Gear-A certain girl (Jimmy Page as session guitarist) 1964
John Paul Jones-A foggy day in Vietnam 1964
The Blue Rondos-Baby I go for you (JP-guitar) 1964
John Paul Jones-Baja 1964
The Sneekers-Bald headed woman (JP-guitar) 1964
Jeff Beck-Beck's Bolero (JP and JPJ) 1966
Dave Berry-C.C. Rider (JP) 1965
The Talismen-Castin' my spell (JP) 1965
The Authentics with Jimmy Page-Climbing through (JP) 1965?
Jake Holmes-Dazed and confused 1967 (No future members of Zep on it....just the song that Page "lifted" w/o credit)
Heinz and the Wild Boys-Diggin' my potatoes (JP) 1965
Chris Ravel & The Ravers-Don't you dig this kinda beat (JP) 1963
Listen w/ Robert Plant-Everybody's gonna say 1966
Sean Buckley with Breadcrumbs-Everybody knows (JP) 1965
Band of Joy-For what it's worth (RP and Bonham) 1968
Dave Berry Go on home (JP) 1964
Bobby Graham-Grotty drums (JP) 1966
Band of Joy-Hey Joe (RP and Bonham) 1967
Neil Christian's Crusaders-Honey hush (JP) 1964
The Primitives-How do you feel (JP) 1965
Lulu and The Luvvers-I'll come running (JP) 1964
Dave Berry-I've got my tears to remind me (JP) 1965?
Brenda Lee-Is it true (JP) 1966
Antoinette-Jenny let him go (JP) 1964
Dave Berry-My baby left me (JP) 1965
Bobby Graham-skin deep (JP) 1965
Carter-Lewis and The Southerners-Somebody told my girl (JP) 1963
Bobby Graham-Teensville (JP) 1966?
Mickie Most and The Gear-The feminine look (JP) 1963
Burt Bacharach & His Orchestra-Train and boats and planes (JP) 1965
The Authentics w/ Jimmy Page-Without you 1965?
Carter-Lewis and The Southerners-Your mama's out of town (JP) 1963
Bobby Graham-Zoom widge and wag (JP) 1965

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