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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sandy Nelson---a bunch of his best! massive 60's drums galore!!

I loves me some Sandy Nelson!! My brother and I used to wear his records out on my parent's big Zenith, as kids......He's one of these artists that end up playing in my car on warm's like going to the beach, even if you're miles away. I'm that way about listening to Dick Dale and the Deltones, too. Huge drum sound....soooo sixties...just had to post this, today. I'm cleaning this house with the windows open...blaring this shit LOUD!!...trying to will the warm weather toward Enjoy the massive drummage of Mr. Sandy Nelson...... :D

Here's the link:

Here's the tunage:

Teen Beat
Cool Operator

Big noise from the jungle
Let there be drums
Quite a beat
Drum stomp
Drums are my beat
Drummin' up a storm

And then there were drums
Ooh Poo Pah Doo
Drum stuff
Mr John Lee Pts I & II
Drums a go go
Kitty's theme
In Beat
The Flip
Freak Beat
Blue's theme
Let there be drums and brass
Whittier Boulevard
Boss Beat


  1. Oh yeah, for the would-be high school drummer of the 60's ... Sandy Nelson was "god"... Of course, since I was a child of NYC )like you, Barbarella, were a child of Chicago and memories of German) - thus I had strong knowledge of jazz drummers at an early age... Listening to Ed Beach (an old-school stentorian announcer jazz DJ of Riverside Radio, WRVR...
    and his love of the classic form. I grew to know the Jungle Drums of early Elllington, Chick Webb, Gene Krupa and Buddy RIch, and the guy who was the black Sandy Nelson, tho I've never heard him called that (and for good reason!) The one and only Cosy Cole. Yes, of "Topsy, Pts.1 and 2, as well as Bad and bunch more. His drums rumbled and rolled just like Sandy's, and he was really a whole lot more swinging. Since he was on Broadway in Carmen Jones, and fronting and playing in groups along the great white way and on 54th through the years. Lionel Hampton's great band too! Hey, Cosy played with the ODD GOD of Jazz, Raymond Scott. (my appelation, but it fits, no?)
    "Cozy broke many of the racial barriers in music. He was the first black musician on a network musical staff. CBS radio hired him to work with Raymond Scott in 1943. In 1985, Scott recalled, "Cozy was the most professional musician I've ever worked with."

    Cozy played a wildly rhythmic drum solo in the stage show "Carmen Jones" in 1943 saying, "I think I'm the only drummer to have been featured in a big Broadway show with his name on the program."
    Say, I don't think you've featured Cosy, and you'd love his stuff.
    Also, not sure, but what about the big box set of Lionel Hampton's Big Band? Hamp was a monster of jazz percussion, since he was both a drummer, and then of course, a vibist of the most percussive order.

    As always, you're the Queen, and Planet Barbarella RULES!

    Also, for almost every damn selection you've made in over 75 pages,
    "I like what you like."

    Den NC USA

  2. Forgive the follow-up, but I hope you'll appreciate the following, from the New York TImes obit on Ed Beach, my first jazz mentor (on the radio). He was a big influence on my tastes in music, thus, my life, as I now, Iike you Barbarella, have many hundreds of great records (tho mine are LP's and tape of various formats...and now of course, digital... not the great 78..)

    "Mr. Beach had trained as an actor, and his impeccable diction lent the show a certain cantankerous gravitas. So did his voluminous knowledge of his subject: he had a background as a jazz pianist and singer, a personal collection of LPs that ran to the thousands and, his admirers said, a scholar’s understanding of the social, historical and musical contexts in which jazz was made."
    And my mistake, Ed Beach's voice is excellently described... "his impeccable diction lent the show a certain cantankerous gravitas..." but it sounded "sonorous" not loudly stentorian."

    Please forgive my Cosy for Cozy... (I have an old friend named Cosy...)

    AND finally, here's to you, Barbarella, you who are carrying on the torch for many young and old newbies (or oldbies) of music, here on the web, as in your way, you much like Ed Beach did on WRVR back in the 60's....
    with your own verison of
    "eclectic taste, vast erudition and pleasurably irascible temperament"


  3. You know, a Cozy list is a great idea....I'm gonna get to that one, soon :).....Oh, my, you must've read my mind on Hampton....I have a LOT o him...early and later. I've been thinking of doing a list for I will :)

  4. Thank you very much.
    My dog Casey, of 13 1/2 years died last night, we put him to sleep.
    I'm home today alone mourning. But I love the web as a pet too...:)
    Your blog has helped my moodiness alot, since it's another planet.
    I thank you. Will send a gift in his memory sometime soon.
    You deserve more than credit.
    Glad my oddball ideas fit yours.
    den nc usa

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll say a prayer for him. I have a very old dog, also, and we are watching him reach his last years and putting off the inevitable for as long as we can. Thanks. That's a nice thought....all the funds go back into buying more tunes, it seems, so it's all good :)

  6. Dear Barbarella,
    Thank you so much for this!
    As a teenager Sandy Nelson was the main reason for me to start playing the drums.
    My old Sandy Nelson-records have been played so often, that they're nearly unplayable now.
    So it will be a great pleasure to listen to these tunes once again.
    All the best!
    Charlie from germany