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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Part One-- The best of Bettye: A career retrospective of Ms. Lavette (in 3 parts)

This week I'm highlighting the Queen, Ms. Bettye Lavette, with a 3 part retrospective, drawn from her albums, past and present. There are cuts released and unreleased, some singles, and some 'B' sides. This is not a complete discography, or anything like that...if you like this, you can find most of these albums. I hope you do. She's been a big favourite of mine for years. I am so glad she is finally getting the recognition she deserves for her amazing talent.

Here's the link to Part I.

I still want to be your baby(take me like i am)-From the 2007 "Scene of the crime" CD.
Joy-From the 2005 "I've Got My Own Hell To Raise".
You made a believer out of me-The 'B' side of "Thank You for Loving Me" (1975)
Stand Up Like A Man-The 'B' side of "I'm Just a Fool for You" (1966)
What I Don't Know (Won't Hurt Me)-The 'B' side of "Let me down easy" (1965)
Cry Me A River (Take 1)-An unreleased 1965 cut.
Easier to say than do-An unreleased 1970 cut
My train's comin' in-The 'B' side of "Games people play" (1970)
How Am I Different-A cover of Aimee Mann's tune, from the 2005 "I've got my own hell to raise"
Talking old soldiers-A cover of Elton John and Bernie Taupin's tune, from the 2007 "Scene of the Crime".
Only Time Will Tell Me-From "I've got my own hell to raise"
Before the money came (the battle of Bettye Lavette)-Genius!! her autobiography, if you will....from "scene of the crime".
Games People Play-A 1970  cover of the Joe South song...based on the 1964 book by psychiatrist Eric Berne about functional and dysfunctional social interactions.
I guess we shouldn't talk about that now-From "Scene of the crime".
Love's Made A Fool Of Me-The 1970 'B' side of "Do Your Duty".
Let's go let's go let's go-with Hank Ballard, from 1970.
It ain't easy-From the 1973 "Child of the '70s" LP...unreleased until 2000 as "Souvenirs".
Ain't nothing gonna change me much--From the 1973 "Child of the '70s".
Shut your mouth--From "Child of the '70s"
You'll never change-From "Child of the '70s"
Here I am-From "Child of the '70s"
Serves him right-From the 2003 "A woman like me".
Thinkin' bout you-From the 2003 "A woman like me".
Right In The Middle-From the 1982 "Tell me a lie".
I Can't Stop-From the 1982 "Tell me a lie".

Parts 2 and 3 to come later this week....enjoy!

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