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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The David Grisman Quintet 1977....

1977....The David Grisman Quintet....David Grisman, Tony Rice, Mark O'Connor, Rob Wasserman. This is the LP that took me from earth to space. I had known the mandolin as a great Aunt had given me her Gibson F-5 that she had played for many years in several Kalamazoo, Michigan classical mandolin quartets connected to the Gibson factory.  I loved playing, but I hadn't yet broadened my horizons beyond classical arrangements. I knew about bluegrass and folk, but it hadn't gotten it's hooks into me, yet. For years, I'd been listening to Django Reinhardt, Stephan Grappelli and the Quintet du Hot Club de France, Stuff Smith, Claude Williams, and Joe Venuti. I had access to all that through my parents vast collection of 78s and LPs. I loved all of that, but I still didn't get the connection..this LP made the connection....acoustic jazz...bluegrass. was like hearing the speed metal of acoustic music when I first listened to this LP. This CD is new to me every time I hear it. It still stops me dead in my tracks and blows my mind. Here it is....I hope you groove to it like I do.....enjoy!

Here's the link:

Here's the list of tunes:

Swing 51
Opus 57
Blue Midnight
Minor Swing
Fish Scale
Dawg's Rag


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  2. It changed my view of mandolinds and this is the LP that took me from earth to space, too!!!! What a great recording!!!!

    world_of_mandolins / Christian Steinbrecher

    from Austria where Hedy Lamarr was born, too!!! :-)