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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Iceman cometh............

Here's the Jerry Butler's a two-parter.........enjoy!!

For your precious love
Only the strong survive
Come back my love
Moody woman
What's the use of breaking up
A brand new me
Don't let love hang you up
He will break your heart
Find another girl
Got to see if I can get mommy
I could write a book
I'm a telling you
Moon river
You just can't win
Make it easy on yourself
You can run
Whatever you want
I only have eyes for you
Close to you
I stand accused
I don't want to hear it anymore
One night affair
Power of love
That's how heartaches are made
Good times
Take the time to tell her
Just for you
The devil in Miss Jones
For your precious love (new version)
I wanna do it to you
Cooling out
I dig you baby
Don't be an island
Mr. dream merchant
In my life
Never give you up
Hey Western Union man
Are you happy

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