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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forget the '50s's classic '40s King Cole Trio...groove to this! Pt. 1

I'm a big fan of Nat King Cole Trio recordings from the '40s....I have a LOT of it in my collection. A friend and I were talking the other day, and he mentioned that he found a lot of Cole's music to be a bit saccarine. He was mostly only familiar with his 1950s output (Mona Lisa, etc.....). This giant list that will be going up in several parts will hopefully change his opinion.....enjoy. There are many duplicates in these lists, but they are alternate takes, and different recorded versions of the same tunes.....If you have any questions or corrections, please let me know. I know I could add a lot more to my lists in terms of studio info, dates and bio information, and I can add it, if folks are finding how I post a bit confusing or annoying,....generally I am posting big lists on here from my collections, and I tend to just focus on getting the tunes up. If you like the music, and it's your thing, most of the time you can find a lot of bio info online.....I apologize to anyone finding my posted info a little sparse.....again, let me know. Thanks.

So, here's the list already:    Nat King Cole Trio....Pt. 1

Body and Soul 
Central Avenue Breakdown
A boy from Texas, A girl from Tennessee
After my laughter came tears
After you get what you want, you don't want it
All aboard
All for you
Almost like being in love
Baby, I need you
Baby, baby, all the time (alt take)
Baby, baby, all the time (1)
Baby, baby, all the time (2)
Baby, baby, all the time (3)
Bang, bang, boogie (1)
Bang, bang, boogie (2)
Blues in my shower
Body and soul (2)
Body and soul (3)
Bop kick
Bring another drink
But she's my buddy's chick (1)
But she's my buddy's chick (2)
But she's my buddy's chick (alt take)
But she's my buddy's chick (3)
Calico Sal
Calypso blues
Can I come in for a second (w/ Nellie Lutcher)
Can you look me in the eyes (and say we're through)
Chant Of The Blues (Dog-gone Unlucky Blues)
Chant Of The Blues (Dog-gone Unlucky Blues) (2)
Cole Capers
Cole Slaw
Come to baby, do
Could-'Ja (1)
Could-'Ja (alt take)
Could-'Ja (2)
The best man
The Christmas Song (1)
The Christmas Song (2)

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