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Thursday, July 15, 2010

By request: the big Al Bowlly list.......It's crooning time......

Al Bowlly.....this is a work of love....done as a request. This is a big file....enjoy.

Here's a little Wikipedia stuff about Al Bowlly for those unfamiliar with him: 
Albert Allick "Al" Bowlly (7 January 1899[1] – 17 April 1941) was a popular Jazz singer and crooner in the United Kingdom during the 1930s, making more than 1,000 recordings between 1927 and 1941. Bowlly showcased a diverse range of material unsurpassed by any contemporary other than perhaps Bing Crosby. He was also a truly international recording artist. He was killed by the explosion of a parachute mine outside his flat in Jermyn Street, London during the Blitz.
Al Bowlly is invariably credited with inventing crooning, or "The Modern Singing Style", releasing a book of the same name. Bowlly experimented with new methods of amplification, not least with his Melody Maker advert, showing him endorsing a portable vocal megaphone. With the advent of the microphone in 1931, Al adapted his singing style, moving away from the Jazz singing style of the 20s, into the softer, more expressive crooning singing style used in popular music of the 30s and 40s. It was Al's technique, sincerity, diction and his personality that distinguish him from many other singers of the 30s era.
Al is also credited with being the first "Pop Star". Prior to the advent of Bowlly, the bandleaders were the stars and the main attractions, with the records being sold as "Ray Noble and his orchestra (with vocal refrain)" a phenomenon that can be seen on 78s of the period. Most singers were all but anonymous, but Al's popularity changed this, with him being the first singer to be given a solo spot on BBC radio due to popular demand, and records appearing featuring his own name. Bowlly's personality, good looks, charisma, and above all his voice, earned him the nickname "The Big Swoon", with Al finding himself being mobbed by female fans for autographs and photos after his performances.

And here's the tunes:

A million dreams (1932) w/ George Scott Wood Orch.
All ashore (1938) w/ Lew Stone and his Monsiegneur Band
Balloons (1932) w/ Lew Stone and his Monseigneur Band
Beware of love (1930) w/ Marius B. Winter and his dance Orch.
By my side (1931) w/ Roy Fox and his Orch.
Colorado Sunset (1938) w/ Geraldo and his Orch.
Concentratin' on you (1932) w/ Roy Fox and his band
Dark eyes (1939) w/ Bram Martin and his band
Down by the river (1935) w/ Ray Noble and his Orch
Down Sunnyside lane (1931) w/ Ray Noble and the New Mayfair Dance Orch.

Eadie was a lady (1933) w/ Lew Stone and his band
Every day's a holiday (1937) Al Bowlly and his band (studio group)
Give me my ranch (1939) Acc. by orchestra directed by Ronnie Munro.

Glorious Devon (1932) Acc. by George Scott Wood on piano
Goodnight Angel (1938) w/ Lew Stone and his band
Got a date with an angel (1931) w/ Ray Noble and the New Mayfair dance Orch.
I lay me down to sleep (1933) w/ Lew Stone and his Monseigneur Band
I love you truly (1938) w/ Lew Stone and his Monseigneur Band
I'll string along with you (1934) w/ Ray Noble and his Orch.
I'm thru with love (1931) w/ either the Blue Jays, OR The Harry Hudson Deauville Dance Band
Ive got to sing a torch song (1933) w/ Ray Noble
In my little red book (1938) w/ Mantovani Orch
Just let me look at you (1938) w/ Lew Stone
Moon love (1939) w/ Ronnie Munro
My sweet Virginia (1932) w/ Rox Fox
Now it can be told (1938) w/ Lew Stone
On with the show (1931) pt. 1 w/ Ray Noble (Al sings a chorus of "On a little balcony in Spain")
Pied piper of Hamelin (1931) w/ Ray Noble
Poor kid (1931) w/  Roy Fox
Ridin' home (1939) w/ Ronnie Munro
Roll along prairie moon (1935) w/ Ray Noble
Romany (1939) Acc. by Orchestra
Al Bowlly Remembers: Pts 1 & 2 medly: (1938) Lover Come Back to Me/Dancing in the Dark/I'm Gonna sit right down and write myself a letter/Auf Wiedersehen my dear
Great day (1930) w/ the Alfredo Orch.
Adeline (1930) w/ Jay Wilbur and his band (Al-Gtr. and voc.)
Three wishes (1933) w/ Ray Noble Orch.
Hallelujah (1927) -instrumental w/ Bowlly on banjo w/ the Arthur Briggs' Savoy Syncopator's Orch
I'm sorry Sally (1928) w/ The Fred Elizalde Orch.
If anything happened (1928) w/ the Fred Elizalde Orch.
I'm playing with fire (1933) w/  Jack Jackson Orch.
Aloha (1930) instrumental w/ Len Fillis Hawaiians

And here's a few more I couldn't get in the first list:

Dreamy Amazon (1928) w/ Arthur Briggs' Savoy Syncopator's Orch.
Me and my shadow (1927) w/ Arthur Briggs' Savoy Syncopator's Orch.
Sometimes I'm happy (1927) w/ Arthur Briggs' Savoy Syncopator's Orch.
I'm playing with fire (1933) w/ Jack Jackson Orch.

and, with the Roy Fox Band:

It must be true (1931)
Jig time (1932)
Kiss by kiss (1931)
Lazy day (1931)
Looking for you (1931)
Lovable (1932)
Love for sale (1931)
Maybe it's love (1931)
Memories of you
My temptation (1931)
One more time (1931)
Ooh that kiss (1932)
Out of nowhere (1931)
Over the blue (1931)
Overnight (1931)
Peach of a pair (1931)
Peanut vendor (1931)


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  2. this is great music ... but may i ask why not sharing it in glorious 320kbps for our listening pleasure ... 128kbps is lame!

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  4. I'm sorry about that. I'm posting my what I have, some encoded originally by me, some not....I apologize for the varying bit rates and quality.

  5. question. Did you get these off of an old time radio archive or site of royalty free ragtime and jazz?

    I got all of my ray noble off of it, but can't find it again. could you help? seems like the same way it was listed, so I figured you had the same source.

    thank you. have a wonderful week!
    -dylan ross

  6. I got it from several different sources, some from friends, a few from discs, a couple 78s, and yes, some originally from a couple sites online. I'll got through my Ray noble, I have a bit....I'll upload what I have :)

  7. Oh, I found over 200'll get that up for you soon :)

  8. I am a huge Ray Noble nut, so chances are I have most of it, so if you need anything of his specifically, I may just have it. Feel free to shoot me an email!

  9. That's pretty cool! Maybe I'll get together a list of what I have (although I'm sure some of it has been posted...mostly on the Al Bowlly list). I know when I do post it, it will have even more Bowlly than I currently have on this page, which is good...more is never Then maybe you check it against what you have, and let me know :)

  10. Thank you for this extensive post of AB tracks. I had heard this artist's name before, but never his music. Funny, what sent me searching though is a book written by Jack Higgins (The Savage Day) that features a character who always carry's a small tape player on which is heard Mr Bowlly's music.
    Mike from Vermont...

  11. Excellent! I may have to read that....You'd have to love a character who was fond of one of the best crooners in the history or recorded music :)