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Monday, May 2, 2011

Jo Stafford Part 2............

Here's Part 2.............

I love you-
I never loved anyone-
I remember you-
I should care-
I'll be seeing you-
I'll remember April-
I'll string along with you-w/ Gordon MacRae
I'm so right tonight-
If I loved you-
If you've got the money-
In a little Spanish town  ('Twas on a Night Like This)-w/ the Pied Pipers
In the cool, cool, cool of the evening- w/ Frankie Laine
(Back home again in) Indiana- (from a 1950 b'cast)
It could happen to you-
It's almost tomorrow-
Just one way to say I love you-
Keep it a secret-
Kissing bug boogie-
Let's have a party- w/ Frankie Laine
Let's take the long way home- (from a 1941 b'cast)
Little man with a candy cigar-
Long ago (and far away)-
Love and the weather-
Love me good-
Lullaby of Broadway- w/ The Pied Pipers (from a 1944 Mail Call OTR)


  1. Today is a very good day. Oh yeah, and thanks for GI Joe.