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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bill Haley Part 3..........

Here's Part 3...............

(I'll be with you in) Apple blossom time
Goofin' around
Green tree boogie
Happy baby
Hey then, there now
Hide and seek
Hook, line, and sinker
Hot dog buddy buddy (2)
Hot dog buddy buddy (1)
How many
I dreamed of an old love affair-BH and the Four Aces of Western Swing
I got a woman (2)
I got a woman (complete take 2)
I got a woman (complete take 3)
I got a woman (complete take 1)
I got a woman (false start)
I got a woman (1)
I love you so much it hurts-BH and the Four Aces of Western Swing
I'll be true
I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
I'm lonesome
Icy heart
Ida, sweet as apple cider
In a little Spanish town
Is it true what they say about Dixie
It's a sin
Jamaica DJ
Joey's song (mono)
Joey's song (stereo)
Jukebox cannonball
The green door


  1. Mr. Haley and the boys had a good thing going. They had an accordionist and get many bonus points for that. Secondly, the outfits in the photo you posted are fantastic. Third, they made some excellent music as if one and two weren't enough.

  2. Ya think? lol! I love 'em...always have. I don't think they get enough props for their incredible koolness, IMHO