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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bill Haley Part 2............

Here's part 2...............

A fool such as I 2
A fool such as I
Chatanooga choo choo
Chick safari
Chiquita Linda
Choo choo ch'boogie
Come rock with me
Corrine, Corrina (without hand claps)
Crazy Man, crazy
Dance with a dolly
Dim, dim the lights
Don't knock the rock (without overdubs)
Don't knock the rock
Don't nobody move
Dragon rock (complete take 2)
Dragon rock (complete take)
Dragon rock (false start 2)
Dragon rock (false start)
Drowsy waters
El Rocko
Farewell, so long, goodbye
Foolish questions-Bill Haley's Four Aces of Western Swing
Football rock and roll (studio demo for Milt Gabler)
Forty cups of coffee
Four leaf clover blues-Bill Haley's Four Aces of Western Swing
The Dipsy Doodle
The Dragon Rock

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