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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Part 2...The 1940 Music Project......EVERYTHING, not just the hits... :)

Part 2....the REAL 1940 music project.........

A handful of stars- Glenn Miller v=Ray Eberle
Anything that's part of you -Village Boys
Bogo Jo -Lionel Hampton
Concerto for Cootie (Do Nothin' til You Hear) -Duke Ellington
Crying the blues again -Ted Daffin's Texans
Elegie -Art Tatum
Everything depends on you -Earl Hines
Ferryboat Serenade -Andrews Sisters
Five O'Clock Whistle -Erskine Hawkins
Flining A Whing-Ding -Horace Henderson
Fools rush in -Glenn Miller v=Ray Eberle
Frenesi -Artie Shaw
Friendship -Kay Kyser 
Gone with the gin -Hot Lips Page
Good old New York -Jelly Roll Morton's Seven
Goody Goodbye -Ted Weems
He's My Uncle -Abe Lyman's California Orch.
Herman at The Sherman (Byfield stomp) -Woody Herman
Hit that jive Jack -Skeets Tolbert and His Gentlemen Swing
Hot dogs -The Three Peppers
House Of Morgan -Lionel Hampton
How 'bout that mess -Sam Price's Texas Bluesicians
How can I ever be alone -Mildred Bailey
How High The Moon -Benny Goodman
I don't stand a ghost of a chance -Frankie Trumbauer
I Don't Worry -Bar X Cowboys
I never knew -Teddy Wilson
I'll never smile again -Tommy Dorsey v=Frank Sinatra and The Pied Pipers
i'm falling for you -Earl Hines
I'm nobody's baby -Benny Goodman v= Helen Forrest 
I've Got My Eyes On You -Tommy Dorsey v=Alan DeWitt
If I had you -Una Mae Carlisle
If it's you-Artie Shaw
Imagination -Glenn Miller v=Ray Eberle
In The Mood  -Glenn Miller
Indian Summer -Tommy Dorsey
It's A Blue World -Glenn Miller v=Ray Eberle
It's A Hap, Hap, Happy Day -Eddie Duchin w/ The Three Earbenders
It's the Same Old Shillelagh -Harry's Tavern Band v=Billy Murray

And, meanwhile....while we were driving Susie and Johnny to Grandma and Grandpa's farm in our 1940 Chevrolet.........Paris fell to the Nazi's.....

Just a reality check, being that a fair number of Americans were still pretty anti-intervention at the time. We weren't exactly convinced that anything happening "over there" would ever have anything to do with us........

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