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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not closing the website down today....but protesting


  1. I decided to join the 24hr blackout, 'cos it feels good to go offline, perverse pleasure perhaps? from provider to depriver!

    Being largely apolitical, I think that opposing SOPA/PIPA is more of a stand for freedom, (whether acting legally or otherwise).

    Someday, they'll come for us...

    But in the meantime, all the best for the year ahead, Barbie.

  2. I couldn't go offline. I didn't post today, but I won't stop what I do, even to protest.....when they come, so be it. What I post deprives no one income...fuck them. Nearly everyone I post is I expose people to music, if I'm lucky, that gets overlooked often by people that usually listen to the music that is being targeted. Such a greedy group of suckish protoplasm...trying to deprive people of pleasure and information for the sake of money. Most of the artists that I post were cheated and deprived of royalties during their lifetime, sadly enough. At least hoping to turn people on to them, leads people to locating more of their music legally..never a bad thing, I hope.

  3. Well said! When all is said & done, no-one's making , nor losing income here. Without the internet, a lot of good people would go largely forgotten & a whole lot more would go without ever knowing about them. We should just keep on spreading the word. Keep it free! IVG

  4. Yup, shut us down, we'll be back like yard 'shrooms. If not us, then someone else to carry it well it should be. The only people deprived of income from my posts are the descendants of the owners of labels that ripped off the artists who signed over their work unknowingly 50+ years ago.....I'm so crying over that.

  5. Well said my friends. I put something up for you Barb at 8 To The Bar. A recording of an entire Broadcast Day at a Radio Station during the 20's or 30's.