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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megaupload is gone......and what of it? Screw the Justice Department...where there's a will there's a way.....

So, the Justice Department shut down Megaupload today....I somehow knew this was coming, just maybe not quite this soon...*sigh*. A lot of the files on this site are at Megaupload, so that means they are now not available. I will start moving them to another site. Let me know any immediate request, please, so I can get to those ASAP. Thanks.


  1. *sigh*

    My one priority request is that you stay just as sweet as you are in your own sweet way, Barb!

    (did you spot the double song allusion? :lol: )

  2. And you are right - the great corporate interests used the compliant "righteous" spokesmen very quickly, in the pretence it was to protect the livelihoods and artistic integrity of the artists.

  3. We love what you do here!

    The DoJ is wasting its time because the age of copyright is over.... they'll never stop us sharing music. The real crooks are the film and music industry bosses.....

    Long may you and your blog continue...

  4. fileserve and filesonic have gone too (except as a storage area for yourself), both have "fallen on their sword" profitwise in order to pre-empt any legal trouble.

  5. Ellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..... where aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu??

  6. Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm a fucking thief. I could buy all the stuff posted here, but I don't, because I'm a lazy selfish cheap dick. I am not proud of my theft, and neither should you be. Justify it until your face turns purple, it changes nothing.

    This was inevitable, and NOT a bad thing - lazy selfish suspended adolescent gimme-gimme America NEEDS a little discipline for a change - the way it was during the era Barb loves so much. Read her disclaimer at the right of every page.

  7. Glad to see you want to re-post and keep moving on. I for onw would LOVE to see the Django alphabet re-posted; it's an astonishing collection and I only made it to "B" (which contains the hottest version of Belleville in existence...just insane!
    Thanks for carrying on!

    1. That should have read "I for onE" not "onw".........

  8. frypan - are you related to J Edgar Hoover by any chance? At least lay down your whip and righteous sword and take off your corrective gimp mask for a minute, so we can see your hysterically contorted face :D

    Or to be more serious:

    (1) You should try to speak for yourself, not for everyone else here (or indeed, anywhere else). Your scathing description of a spoilt indolent self-loathing robber might fit you like a glove (or rather, a mask), for all I know - but you should not blithely assume it fits anyone else.

    (2) Much of the material B has posted is not commercially available, and it is almost without exception (perhaps entirely without exception) over 50 years old and so out of copyright, so you are whistling up the wrong tree. Nor are the many images and collections and background information and discussion everywhere to be found, even on the immense internet. But you sound like someone who is only interested in plunder, which is a pity.

    (3) I wonder if you are quite so unpleasant in real life as you take the (diabolical) liberty of being in the safe and lazy, narcissistic anonymity you make of this whirling worldwide cyberspace?

  9. Hi, I really wanted (les paul - the new sound ) and I thought I finally found it! but now it's gone!! Please get back to me when you get the chance to re-post it again Thanks

  10. Sorry, I've been gone a few days....will be re-posting

  11. Well Peter, I don't have to justify my comments to you or anyone else. Your own suppositions about me are disgusting and loathsome, and puerile as I assume you must be. In the vernacular, drop dead, stupid fucking asshole.

  12. Perter, the real pity here is that, like most people on the Net, you cannot read. If you could, you'd understand I am not talking about Barb's images or biographical material - which are not posted to Megaupload in any case and are not affected, you gormless fuckwit - nor, OBVIOUSLY I would have thought, am I talking about out of copyright material.

    Re-read the second paragraph of my original post, Peter. Turds like you with your laughable parroted hollow cant (comparing me to J. Edgar Hoover, Jesus wept) are the reason the sacred word "liberal" now means "self-justifying bloodsucking leftist parasite" everywhere in the Western world, and leaves such a foul taste in the mouths of thinking human beings - one of the truly great tragedies of the age. The hollow echo from the complete spiritual and intellectual vacuum that is yourself is audible all the way up here in Canada, you clone hive-mind zombie.

  13. frypan:

    My "suppositions about you" came straight from your own self-description - "fucking thief", "lazy selfish cheap dick" etc. sounded like you had nothing much but loathing and sneering contempt for yourself (never mind anyone else).

    Your replies have just gone further down the same road.

    I'd suggest you try to find some sort of sane, less furious communication with a real person - any real person at all - anyone you don't view with screaming contempt, so you also don't need such a hysterical foul mouth to express your various views of life and the civilised world as you see it.

    Who knows, that might even make life seem a bit less hellish?

    Failing that, I'd suggest a doctor before you burst some sort of blood vessel. The sort of world you describe is not worth dying for.

    In any case - I've nothing more to say to you.

  14. Dang, guys. I'm kinda back, after my self-indulgent depression....should I buy a round of drinks for the rest of the bar watching this donnybrook? sorry. Is there a bookie in the house? what are the odds on this?

    Seriously, though....emotions are high on both sides of this, and it certainly has taken a toll on many of us. I certainly have reacted badly, as my ADHD is bad enough that retracing my steps to reload many things lost to Megaupload, is rather daunting, to say the very least.....

  15. There's only one person bin a brawlin' an' bellowin' an' turnin' this place into a public toilet, sistah! :D