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Friday, January 6, 2012

Doris Day Solo recordings -Post Les Brown 1947-50 Part 2.....

More DoDo solo....Pt 2.......1947-50

If you will marry me- 1948 w/ Buddy Clark/Mitchell Ayres Orch.
You was- w/ 1948 Buddy Clark/Mitchell Ayres Orch.
I'll string along with you- 1948 w/ Buddy Clark and The George Siravo Orch
Powder your face with sunshine (smile! smile! smile!)- 1948 w/ Buddy and Siravo
I'm beginning to miss you-1948 w/ John Rarig's Orch./The Mellowmen
Don't gamble with romance-1948 w/ Rarig/Mellowmen
How it lies, how it lies, how it lies-1949
If I could be with you (one hour tonight)-1949
Everywhere you go-1949 w/ Rarig/Mellowmen
Again-1949 w/ Rarig/Mellowmen
Blame my absent minded heart-1949 w/ Rarig
(Where are you) Now that I need you-1949 w/ The Mellowmen
Let's take an old-fashioned walk-1949 w/ Frank Sinatra, Ken Lane singers, Axel Stordahl's Orch.
You can have him-1949 Duet w/ Dinah Shore/Hugo WInterhalter Orch.It's a great feeling-1949 w/ Rarig/Mellowmen
At the Cafe Rendezvous-1949 w/ Rarig
The last mile home-1949 w/ Rarig
The land of love (Come my love and live with me)-1949
Here comes Santa Claus-1949
Ol' Saint Nicholas-1949


(with Buddy Clark)

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