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Monday, December 19, 2011

Doris Les Brown Solo recordings 1947-1950 NEW LINK--RAPIDSHARE*** 02-23-12

More early Doris...1947-1950 (more to come -this list is chronological-1947-48)

01. Pete
02. It takes time
03. My Young And Foolish Heart
04. Tell Me, Dream Face, What Am I To You
05. I'm Still Sitting Under The Apple Tree
06. When Tonight Is Just A Memory
07.  A Chocolate Sundae On A Saturday Night
08. Just An Old Love Song Of Mine
09. Papa Won't You Dance With Me
10. Say Something Nice About Me Baby
11. That's The Way He Does It
12. Why Should We Both Be Lonely
13. Thoughtless
14. I've Only Myself To Blame
15. It's A Quiet Town (In Crossbone County)
16. It's The Sentimental Thing To Do
17. Confess
18. Love somebody
19. It's Magic
20. It's Magic (b'ast)
21. Put 'Em In A Box (Tie 'Em With A Ribbon)
22. I'm in Love (from 'Romance on the High Seas')
23. I'm In Love (& Buddy Clark)
24. It's You Or No One
25. pretty baby
26. Just Imagine
27. my darling my darling
28. That Certain Party
29. My dream is yours
30. Someone Like You


Several photos of Doris with Kitty Kallen in Central Park ca 1946 (from the Gottlieb jazz photos series)

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