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Thursday, September 1, 2011

And yes, I did have the "Julia" Barbie Doll in the nurse uniform AND the lunchbox.....Diahann Carroll


  1. Outrageous ! Barberella with her little Julia "Barbierella":-)))
    I used to enjoy the show, and I recall the landlord - a runty, cranky character actor who popped up on many other '60s & '70s programs.
    Definitely a good foil for our heroine.

    btw - I had the "Ken" 'action figure', that when you pulled the string, said "Wanna play doctor?"

  2. In high school we had an old Barbie bell bottoms and sailor Hat that we would put on a shirtless GI Joe, then pose him bent over the hood of Barbie's '62 'Vette....Mod Hair Ken, in a Leisure Suit and ascot, behind the wheel, and handing him $$ >;p