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Friday, September 9, 2011

Alice Faye Part 2.............Studio, on screen and radio

Alice Faye Part 2.......

I'm Just wild about Harry-w/ Louis Prima
My future star-
My, Oh, My-
Nasty man-w/ Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
Never in a million years-w/ The Cy Feuer Orch.
Oh! I Didn't Know-
Old Man Harlem-(from radio)-W/ Rudy Vallee Orch.
On Moonlight Bay-
Roses In December-
Sing Baby Sing-w/ Hal Kemp Orch.
Sittin' Up Waitin' For You-(from radio) w/ Rudy Vallee
Slumming on Park Avenue-w/ The Cy Feuer Orch.
Smarty you Know It All-w/ Hal Kemp Orch.
So Its Love-w/ Hal Kemp Orch.
That Old Feeling-(radio) w/ Hal Kemp
There's A Lull In My Life (radio) w/ Hal Kemp
There's a lull in my life-w/ The Cy Feuer Orch.
This year's kisses-w/ The Cy Feuer Orch.
Wake up and live-w/ The Cy Feuer Orch.
Weep No More My Baby-(radio)
Where Or When-
Yes to you-
You Can't Play My Ukulele-(radio)
You'll never know-(radio)
You're A Sweetheart-w/ Hal Kemp
You're An Old Smoothie-(radio) w/ Rudy Vallee
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me-(radio) w/ Rudy Vallee
You've Got Everything-(radio) w/ Rudy Vallee
You'll Never Know-("Hello, Frisco, Hello")
Young And Heathy-
Your Broadway and My Broadway-w/ Hal Kemp

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