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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Since the first post of a favourite movie went so well......let's do another!

I started with the first Thin Man movie from 1934. I plan to post the rest of the series in time, but tonight I thought I'd share "Ball of Fire", from 1941. Barbara Stanwyck, Gary Cooper...Oh, and a little cameo from Gene Krupa and the band (Martha Tilton dubbed the vocal for Ms. Stanwyck on Anita O'Day's "Drum Boogie", BTW).......a long time fave.  Enjoy!!

And here we go........(huge file, btw, almost 700mb)

You will find the linkage in the comments section.................


  1. Here b the linkage:

    (cut and paste into a new browser......)

  2. I have already seen this movie before and always wondered who was the "voice" of the singer with G.Krupa ( definitely not anita). Now I KNOW. thanks. BTW no very easy to undestand all the dialogue for a frenchy because of the subject ( research about slang...)
    In the orchestra show footage, it seems that roy eldrige is hidden ( on purpose I guess) by the play of light, am I wrong ?

  3. Oh, my....that is so funny!! My first thought on seeing Roy was the same!! They certainly made sure that they blended him into the background as much as possible. About the "slang"....some of it is so dated, it's hard for many English speakers to understand, I

  4. Sad, about the version of "Drum Boogie". That sound just doesn't swing in Martha/Barbara's version, does it? Mind you, I do love Martha Tilton, but that song BELONGS to one could swing it like her :)

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