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Friday, July 1, 2011

A movie for the weekend! 1934 "The Thin Man"-William Powell and Myna Loy

I think this is the start of something BIG!.....let's do the whole series, shall we?? :)

This is a big 'ol file......almost 700mb.....enjoy! Happy 4th of July!

Clue: (go look in the comments.......) LOL!!


    Go cut and paste the clue into a browser, and ENJOY!!!!! ;)

  2. Thank you so much for this! I've just discovered your luxuriously cultured site, and I am THRILLED, Barberella:)
    Yes, good gosh, let's indeedy do the whole series:))))
    This first Thin Man here is the way I recommend anybody should start their movie collection.
    A generous post, and now I'm going to toodle over to that Ball Of Fire movie you've posted.
    THANKS again, kind lady!

  3. Well, THANK YOU!! I will post the next one...I do love how so many are downloading the file, I was very pleased that it has been so well received :)

  4. ...well, toots, when ya got taste like that...:))))

  5. Look for "After the Thin Man", later today :)