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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not a lot more that I can add to the Rush LIMPbaugh controversy....well, maybe just this LITTLE 'toon....;)

NUFF 'SED..... ;)

(cartoon courtesy of Taylor Jones @


  1. love your stuff but this is disgusting. not sure why this is funny.

  2. It isn't supposed to be funny. Rush Limbaugh's misogyny is vile and disgusting, as is the "Big Man", himself. (not to mention, any of his supporters/audience, and the entire Republican party, IMHO). Is this merely my opinion on the pathetic state of public "discourse" in the U.S.) Because of him and his ilk, it's quite understandable to me why "patriotic AmeriKKKans" like him are laughed at around the world......

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  4. Babs - don't be swayed by "Anonymous" comments. The fact of it being Anonymous indicates the courage of the poster, I think, to stand up and be counted.

    At the risk of being thrown in the same pot as frypan again (!), you have every right to post as you like.

    As for the execrable Mr Limbaugh ....Al Franken's "Lies and the Lying Liars" exposes him and his lazy, contemptuous, contemptible style quite admirably.

    I think, especially given his track record and manner, it is fair enough he is exposed, in satirical mode too. It is the tradition of satire to do such things.

  5. Certainly, Oro. I'll visit and then link to you, if that's ok? :) Oh, wow.....I just visited....EXCELLENT SITE!

    I will post a link to you, ASAP! :)

  6. Peter, the satire pictured is much kinder to Limbaugh than my personal feelings would be depicted, were it my pen talking. But then, what would I know....I'm just an overeducated, independent American, I wouldn't know anything, considering that Rush would think me a slut and a whore. Sorry, I'd best be getting these shoes off and back to the kitchen....I'd best be trying to go make a few "future Republican voting babies" before the last of my ovaries dry up.... ;)