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Monday, March 5, 2012

Doris Day-Solo recordings 1947-50 Part 3......

Here's Part 3, the final of all the solo recordings up to the end of 1950....enjoy! :)

01. It's Better To Conceal Than Reveal 
02. Canadian Capers (Cuttin' Capers) 
03. The River Seine. 
04. Bluebird On Your Windowsill 
05. (It Happened at the) Festival of Roses 
06. The Three Rivers (The Allegheny, Susquehanna and the Old Monongahela) 
07. I'll Never Slip Around Again 
08. Game of Broken hearts 
09. Quicksilver 
10. Crocodile Tears 
11. Save a Little Sunbeam (For a Rainy, Rainy Day) 
12. Mama, What'll I Do 
13. I Don't Wanna Be Kissed by Anyone But You 
14. With You (Anywhere You Are) 
15. bewitched 
16. Imagination 
17. I Said My Pajamas (And Put On my prayers) 
18. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than you think) 
19. Hoop-Dee-Doo 
20. Marriage Ties 
21. I Didn't Slip, I Wasn't Pushed, I fell
22. Before I Loved You 
23. Darn that dream 
24. I've Forgotten You 
25. A Load of Hay 
26. Orange Colored Sky. 
27. A bushel and a peck 
28. The Best Thing for You 
29.The Everlasting Arms 
30. David's Psalm 
31. If I Were a Bell
32. I've Never Been in Love Before 
33. Silver Bells 
34. Christmas Story 
35. Nobody's Chasing Me 


  1. The download seem to be corrupted.

    Thanks for all the great music.

  2. seems the file is password protected!!???

  3. I never password protect files. I just tried downloading and didn't have a problem....hmmm....I could put it back on Rapidshare...I never have prob with those. They are a bit slow to get though.......

  4. Howdy Barberella,

    I downloaded this with both IE and FireFox. When I try to open it with WinZip I get the message ". . . appears to be an invalid archive." and then opens up to a bank WinZip window. With WinRAR I can see the files but when I try to extract the files I get the message that the "Archive is either in unknown format or damaged".

    Have you tested the file to see if it's corrupted? If it's OK maybe it just needs to be re-uploaded.

    All the best.

  5. I'm having Mediafire problems right now, also. I'm going to put this on Rapidshare. I know the dowload takes longer, but it always works in the end....THANKS!

  6. Have you posted this to RapidShare yet? I can't find a link.


  7. I chose to repost it on media fire as a change of pace....should work fine

  8. I have downloaded it from Mediafire but can't open the file. Something is definitively wrong with this file.

  9. Hmmm....Rapidshare. Putting it back on Rapidshare....check back in a bit, I'll change the link

  10. Thanks for the re-upload to RS!!!

  11. Perfect. Thank you taking the time and making the effort to make this work.

    Cheers ~

  12. I am soooo glad that it finally worked!!

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