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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tonight's OTR: AFRS Swingtime-w/ Mel Torme and the Meltones, Jack Teagarden, Georgia Gibbs....

Mel Torme and the Mel-Tones
Georgia Gibbs
Jack Teagarden

A nice one tonight, kids........enjoy. AFRS broadcast of "Swingtime". with Georgia Gibbs, Mel Torme and the Mel-Tones, and Jack Teagarden. Undated.


  1. Guten Tag Ms. Laura from rainy Germany - i would like to say thank you for all your work - your blog is always a treasure chest - i have found a lot of good tunes - all unknown to me - but i laughed so hard - after reading about "Deutsche Schlager" - reading not listening!!! lol
    All the Best for you and your loved ones,

  2. Oh, no! It's not because my German is so bad, is it?? lol!!.....I have the language skills of a toddler.....what little I learned wasn't as an adult, it was as a child :0

  3. no no no! I HATE German Schlager! But i love 1920 - 1940´s Swing - all of it! I was - like you - so bored and annoyed by our local radio stations - so i started my "time-machine" and found your blog.Your German is more then ok - if not you can always learn more - and i just loved it to find some German Swing inside your blog too -i am just working on some Plattenspieler and pre-amp - that i can start to restore 78rpm records myself - do you know Mr. prozoot´s channel on youtube? Also Atticus70 is very good.
    Have Fun

  4. Ha! I don't care for Schlager of the 70s and later....boring. I do, however, like the '50s-'60s pop/rock fun....sometimes a bit cheesy, true...but fun. I do have some more swing....I should get to posting that. Hmmm, thanks on the link to Atticus70 and Mr. prozoot, I'll check those out. :)

  5. Oh no! i had to sell the Schlager from the 70`s - i was behind a "Schallplattenbar" on Friday-Saturday - and i could play what i wanted - from A aka Paul Anka to Z - but never German Schlager.I always thought nobody could top that bad taste - i was wrong! Most of to days stuff is even much more worse - IMHO. BTW prozoot without "Mr." please. I think you are badly in need of an earworm -LOL - here we go: It´s the "fiesta"- three different renditions 1.Fiesta (Bianca) - Rumba-Foxtrot-"Oscar Joost und sein Orchester" and "Eric Harden mit seinem Tanz-Orchester" and the "hot" Jack Payne "fiesta" --took me weeks to get rid of it! All on YT.May i ask you about some Bert Firman & and his band?I don´t find much of his stuff - maybe you know more.
    Have a great day!

  6. I have some Bert Firman....shall I post for you? :)

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