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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's all in your head!! (but good head is better than no head at all) ;)

 I've been MIA lately, being the end of the school year and all....SOOOOOooooo....Today I'm giving head for free (**cheezy drum roll.......**) Here's a strange 'lil set of songs with head in the title.....enjoy!

The link:

The tunes:

Dean Martin-Ain't that a kick in the head (do I really need a description?? nahhh)
Marlina Mars-Head and shoulders (some fun old Northern soul fer ya)
I'm from Barcelona-Headphones (strange pop from the 29 member Swedish band)
Aimee Mann-I can't get my head around it (From "The Forgotten Arm" CD)
Mary Lou Williams-Puddin' Head Serenade (An Andy Kirk era MLW gem)
Nat King Cole Quintet-Heads (with Illinois Jacquet)
Louis Armstrong and his hot seven-Potato Head Blues (1927 recording with amazing clarinet from Johnny Dodds, and one of Louis' best solos, IMHO)
India.Arie-All in my head
Kristen Vigard-Paint my head (From the self titled 1990 CD...very underated singer, IMHO)
Bill Doggett-Hammer Head (excellent sax instrumental)
Joan Armatrading-Head of the table (from her 1972 debut album)
Les Chambers-Bald headed Daddy (a singbilly classic novelty)
Morrissey-Suedehead ('cuz as much as I try to dislike him...his song stick in my
James Brown-Headache (one of the instrumentals that you don't hear too often....good stuff)
Lucinda Williams-Wrap my head around that ('cuz nothing she does is ever less than perfect!)
Nelly/Tim McGraw-All in my head (great song from an unexpected pairing of artists)
Buddy Johnson Orch. w/ Ella Johnson-Gotta go upside your head (one of my all time favourite lyrics)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Heads will roll (from the NYC indie trio)
Kinky- The Headphonist (pure electronic genius pop from the Monterrey, Mexico based five-piece band)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe-A gospel pop gem from 1948
Wanda Jackson-Heard headed woman (Ms. Wanda being SHElvis, back in 1960...ass kicking version!!)
Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson-Bald Headed Blues (one of his best R&B cuts, IMHO)
Funkadelic-You hit the nail on the head ( DID! LOL)
Concrete Blonde-Your haunted head (An L.A. rollercoaster ride from their self-titled 1986 debut)
Gene Kardos Orch. w/ Dick Robertson-Red Headed Baby (A popular New York territory band of the early 1930s...vocals by Robertson)
Kate Nash-Dickhead (Kinda sez it all!! from the London-based singer's 2007 CD "Made of bricks")
The Cars-Got a lot on my head (from the 1979 release "Candy-O")
Dixie Chicks-Hole in my head (from the 1999 CD, "Fly")
Indigo Girls-Lay my head down (from their 10th album, the 2006 "Despite our differences")
Matthew Sweet-All over my head ('cuz everything he releases is good to me!...from "Blue sky on Mars"...1997)
Fred Wesley and the JBs-Blow your head (BOOOOOYA!!  it kicks always!)
XTC-Ballad of Peter Pumkinhead (From Swindon's best!! 1992....."Nonesuch")
Nan Wynn-You go to my head (A 1938 recording by one of my favourite all time vocalists)
Art Pepper-You go to my head (From his 1979 release "Artworks"....brilliant!)


  1. A ex-head wants to know...
    any chance of a re-upper on this one?
    I like your free-range compilations... they're one-of-a-kind, but dealing from a very wide deck!

    That NC guy

  2. Hmmmm.....I guess I can reload this one a little bit later....I'll try to get to that. Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. yeah-yeah! re-up!

    i would be also very happy!
    the subject sounds so good.

    the berlin woman

  4. I'll try to get to it a little bit later today :)