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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A few additions to the Coon-Sanders Nighthawks list......

Here are a few more tracks that I found that didn't make it onto the list I just posted....enjoy! (seriously, how could I post Coon-Sanders, and not have "Here comes my ball and chain" on it???)

Here are the tracks:

Everything's hotsy-totsy now (1925) J.L. Sanders, vox
Here comes my ball and chain (1928) J. L. Sanders, vox
Bless you sister (1928) College music (1929) radio b'cast?
College music (1929) radio b'cast?
Dusky stevedore (1928)
Harold T (1929) radio b'cast?
Mississippi, here I am (1929) radio b'cast?
Mississippi, here I am (1929) studio- J.L. Sanders and C. A. Coon, vox
My supressed desire (1928) (From F.B.O. Picture, "Gang War") Carleton Coon, vox
(Listen to the) Rhythm king (1928)
Sinners sock (1929?)
That's all there is (1925)
Way down in the deep old south (?) (1929) radio b'cast?
Smiling skies (1928) Carleton Coon, vox

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